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 After reading Rachel's  sweet post about past/present, I started reminiscing myself. This is a fun little post and I encourage all you other bloggers out there to try it. It's fun to see little snapshots of my life. Enjoy.


* I had a half moon birthmark on the middle of my forehead growing up. It's not as obvious now, but I thought I was special because it was so unique.

* I was a ventriloquist when I was a wee tike. I had the monkey puppets and sang songs for Jesus.  I gained popularity in this awesome skill so much that I performed for my whole school (about one hundred) and also for the Kindergarten/2nd Grade graduation. There were about 250 people there. I've been fighting my stardom ever since :P

* My sister once told me that I was adopted. And then she said "If you don't believe me, ask mom to show you any baby pictures or your birth certificate" I did, and my mom said " Oh, hunny, I don't know where those are.."  (In her defense, she had no idea my sister had told me this) I then had a sneaking suspicion that indeed I was adopted. I believed this until about 12 when I had to get an ID for a missions trips and my mother found my birth certificate.. My sister has since forgotten we ever had this conversation.

* My 8th Grade English teacher was the most influential teacher I have ever had. It wasn't until my senior year of college that I had someone as influential or that impressed me as much.

* My mom and I called our hugs "dancing hugs." We'd dance around the room together and make up imaginary tunes. I love those sweet memories.

*My sister would let me sleep in her bed with her and watch cheesy chick flicks through the night growing up. We would get in trouble because were being too loud. I felt like i belonged so well as long as I was hanging out with her.

*I love my memories of Corpus Cristi, TX and camping out on the beach with our retro-awesome van. My parents, while paying tuition bills and selling their jewelry to pay for groceries,  made time to make the sweetest memories with us. Finding crabs with the flashlight, singing songs on road trips, swimming in the gulf. So sweet.

* One time, my boyfriend of high school and I bought some McDonald's and were hanging out in a parking lot. We got pulled over by a cop and she told us we were looking suspicious. I felt very dangerous. Mean McFry. 

*I punched a boy in the face for making fun of Jesus my freshman year of high school.  Great way to show the love of Christ, eh? I promise I don't do that anymore.

* My Freshman year of college, I got asked out by a boy i thought was sooo cute. He was a skater and looked pretty cool to me. We went on our first date and he announced "just so you know, i smoke pot every weekend and drink pretty much daily." I asked him if he was joking. He said no. First Date:Fail. 


* I have one of the most awesome, bi-cultural families ever. Our family reunions are insane. We have family from all over, and bilingual. Half the time Spanish is rattling off with my family. Soon we'll even have a Canadian in the bunch. Represent!

*I'm sometimes oblivious to peoples comfort levels. I ask in depth questions, especially when I first meet them. I've heard about 5-6 people tell me jokingly " So the other day I busted out a Brittany Question..." I've decided to not change, and to take these statements as a compliment. they really are genius questions.

* I love seeing marriages go well. They warm my belly and my heart. I see the confidence of the children and grandchildren and I think catching glimpses of good healthy marriages demonstrates the awesomeness of Christ and what he wants for us in his relationship with us.My mom and dad have one of them. My dad will watch my mom walking from the house to the car and make comments like " girls, I hope you've married someone who loves you as much as I love your mom." My mom does the same thing "Brittany, your dad really is my best friend. He's such a good man." 

* I have an awesome skill of doing different silly voices. I seriously would rock at animation or cartoons. I'm pumped to get to bust these voices out with my wee children. They will be amazed with my skills,my husband certainly is.

* I dream of sweet babies, family cookouts, laughter and inviting people we don't yet know to join in on the awesomeness.

*In 4 days I will  have gone an entire month of not buying any clothes (apart from socks.) Yes I am very impressed with myself.

* I have and will always be a small town girl. Even living in the big city I crave the sweet surroundings of fields and back country roads and knowing the woman at the library, gas station, bank. I reminisce about my summers canoeing with my sweet friends and driving along and pulling over to run through fields and run through sprinklers at 2:00 AM. I hope someday my children will get the same sweet memories and have such incredible friends to share her life with. 

*I write letters to people and save them on my computer. I've written to the mail man, my cherished old friends, and family and even a few people that make me work hard at keeping a positive attitude. Someday I'm either A) going to send them or B) have someone publish it and it'll be a biography on my life through all the people that were in it. I think its genius. 

*My Hobbies go as follows: Adventure, Photo-taking, Outside Exploring, Thrifting, Giggling with my hilarious husband, Knitting, Scrap booking, violining/guitaring,and miscellaneous schenanigans

* I have had a handful of people in my life that have seen me as something extraordinary. The way they make and have made me feel about life and about the endless possibilities that I could accomplish has given me so much excitement. I hope that I'll spend the rest of my days on others and making them see how remarkable they are.

*I'm excited to go meet Jesus face-to-face. And I'm excited to group hug everyone that has fought the good-fight and has finally made it home.

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