Things that make life better


I'm learning some very important things about life. These are the things that in my opinion, make life awesome.

1. TOMS Shoes. Yes They made it to number one. They make me feel hip and giving all at the same time. And the fact that i match every high-schooler at the caribou makes me laugh. At least i don't have diamonds all over my pants...
2. Red lipstick and red nailpolish is just classy.
3. A Nalgene that has lasted longer than most of my friendships and is covered with the stickers of awesomeness. Although i'm refusing to admit that little black thing at the bottom is mold (ew) and i have no idea to find out and clean it, I am convinced that this nalgene will last me forever, and we will thus see many great sights, i might even bring it when i birth my first child.
4. Deciding all our childrens names, so many infact, that we're going to have  more kids to fit all of them in. Or, just have children with 4 middle names.
5. Quiet days at the office where everyone leaves because of scary snow and i'm the only one left. Why yes, I am awesome. And yes, i am scared to leave the building. (This is the one situation, when wearing my toms was not a good idea this morning....oops)
6. Bible study. Because there you find the coolest friends in the world.
7. Husbands that are awkward dancers, but dance anyways. Yes, that's you John Benjamin. Extra points for not telling me i'm even more awkward then you (yes, i know its true)
8. The decision to buy only skirts for the rest of my life. Because they are a)flattering and beautiful b) so magnifecently classy and c) make me feel incredibly happy.
9. New apartments and dreaming of having a (GASP) Washer and dryer in our apartment. Oh, how wonderful would this be.....
10. Deciding that working out is lame. and should not be done without a primary purpose of socialization..
11. My magical bamboo which grows even faster when i deprive it of light.
12. Having a husband who a)tells me the truth b) takes care of me when i feel sick and c) tells me i'm pretty even when i really could take a shower (Why no, i can't remember when i showered last...) and telling me he can't remember when he showered last either (which is every-other day.) Thanks for loving me, despite my lacking in hygiene.
13. The hot red dye i'm going to dye my hair as soon as Spring begins. and homemade fruit pops. because they're delicious.

The end.

P.S. reading this list makes me giddy.

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