Should I be Proud? Top 10 Best Time Wasters


My Beloved Friends, 

Due to my undying love for you, and my mother teaching me to share, I give you what I have found to be the top 10 best time wasters. Play, Enjoy, Laugh and hopefully be productive with the time you're not playing these games. 

I'm not gonna lie, finding these via How about Orange, is making me pretty happy right now. To see even more, just click on the link and you'll realize her awesomeness.

And now I give you the Ultimate Time Wasters:

 If you want a good ol time of giggles and delight. Here's the place to go. Seriously, You will laugh. And with each click, laugh a little bit more.
The Brushes are awesome. and it made me feel like quite the artist. I think you'll feel the same

Having a baby? Even if your not check out this sight. It's a fun website for Baby Names and it is fun to see all the different ones you can get. 

If you want to have the most witty facebook status in the world or the most awkward, here's an awesome place to find it.
Or if you just want to laugh, you can check it out too.

For the Music Crew, I give you Rain Drops

Pretty much the most amazing game on the planet. You pull the tail and try to get all the Iams cat food and bonus points for the yarn balls.

Wordle makes collages of words, which is very fun for imporant things like scripture, vows, or peoples names. It also just looks cool. 
I dare you students to submit your paper just like this. :D

Basically Mad Libs, but much more official.

You will,  Laugh you will cry, and you will then realize you've wasted a lot of time.

Just for pretties.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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