Well lookie here...


I greet you with a giant picture of my head.

Today we calculated our whole rest of the year financially to figure out what we could afford for apartments. One thing I always find awesome is that no matter our situation, God provides above and beyond our need. We believe strongly in the bible verse:

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. Malachi 3:10

My dad tells a story about how when he was faced with financial crisis, his mom asked him if he was tithing. He replied he could not afford it, my grandma replied " You can't afford not to." While alot of people disagree, I've gotten the opportunity to really practice this concept through my life and I have seen God provide in miraculous ways. Its one of the only places where God tells us to test him. And i think for good reason.I'm not a big 'prosperity Gospel' Advocate. But i am a strong proponent that God rewards faithfulness even in the small things.

We've just seen God work in so many ways. We have functioning bodies, that have fairly low-maintenence. Food in our fridge, a safe place to rest, parents who are believers and who have poured a great deal of blessing on both of us. A lot of awesome influences and eachother. I find myself begining to think about our blessings and becoming overwhelmed at how good he is. Yes, we find stinky mice in our closet every once in a while, and yes, this life can be a struggle...but when you consider all Christ has done, most importantly dying for us, the fact he provides for me on this earth while already guarenteeing my salvation and prescense with him for eternity. Well, golly, He sure is good.

If he does decide to begin to take away, i know we'll struggle. But I have faith that even through that those trials Christ will show us more and more of his provisions and awesomeness (I'll remmeber that I said this for when those trials come!)

We really do have a good God. I hope you are experiencing Him.

in addition to that awesomeness I got the beautiful BEAUTIFUL dress i ordered for CHEAP online. It's a prom dress for under 50 but its sleek and awesome and lovely and perfect for AGM. I have to get it a wee bit altered (due to my shortness) but i'm pumped. You'll see pictures in oh...2 and half months.
It's so pretty its worth it.

and to top it all off. What makes me the most happy young lady in all of the land is seeing this picture of my great-great grandpa and grandma via my aunt:
And my great-great-grandma's name was Ruby. This is enough to make a girl glad till her cheeks hurt! (yes, we will now have to have yet another child. Lucky Grandparents! )

Well, you are loved dear readers. I hope your tuesday is as wonderful as it could be and your finding joys in the little things.


  1. I love Malachi 3:10 too! The kids in my sunday school class are glued to that scripture! It's so cute, sometimes if they don't have money to give, they'll write on their little envelope a (big) random amount and tell us that "one day i'll give that much, but since i don't have a lot of $$ now, i'll just help pick up trash and put away chairs 'cause serving God is doing the small things too!" Yep, 7/8 year old kids tell us that!

    But indeed, God is so good! And tithing is SO important! I really needed to hear this, again!