Thankful Sunday


Reading about the Tsunami and the nuclear emergencies that Japan is experiencing right now definitely weights heavy on our hearts. Ben and I have a place in our hearts specifically for Japan, and if we were ever to become missionaries, we think there would be a good chance we'd be called there. It makes us all the more thankful for what we have and yet all the more urgent to be willing to go and meet needs in whatever way we can.

God really has been working on me more and more to be thankful. I talked a while ago about the 21 day challenge. Boy have i been lacking. In fact, I almost feel like by me trying not to speak negative, its almost like a diet with no chocolate. The more i think of how I can't have chocolate, the more I want it.

There is a book Ben was reading to me the other day about Cults/other religions ( I swear this is going somewhere) It's a nice big theological book describing all that isn't Christianity. The author gives an example that when individuals that are working to identify Money Fraud go to training, the spend hours upon hours doing one thing. The look at what real money looks like. They study it so much and so indepth, then when it comes to fake money, It's obvious. Rather than identifying all the fakes, they just focus on the truth.

I think that's the key to living a life of thankfulness. Rather than focusing on all the things going wrong, and how I am now 'not allowed' to  discuss them, I can focus on Christ and his awesome blessings. The minute I begin to do this. I'm OVERWHELMED by his goodness.  It's been quite the convicting lesson. One that has had me apologizing to Ben for my ungrateful heart, and surrendering to our awesome God.

On that note, while thinking about just how blessed God really has made us, I started taking a few snapshots of our humble abode. There is a lot of love in this place.

Down in the basement of our apartment building, near the garbage cans I found a wooden table. It had some character, so I decided to pull it upstairs (even though it smelled a little.) Ben just laughed. I just recently bought some white spray paint and decided to go to town on it. I'm quite pleased with the results. It now is my new bedside table.

She's pretty isn't she?

Here are a few other snapshots of our home:

Things I'm thankful for:

1. Our Home and all the little pieces that show us God's Grace.
2. Sunlight in the morning and the warmer weather. Reminding us that spring is coming.
3. The Popsicle containers we found for 1.50 and the fruit we bought for them.
4. The new TOMS My husband bought me for our 9 months/my birthday
5. The way Ben tells me I'm his S.O.B....Standard of Beauty. And what that means.
6. Dances in the kitchen.
7. Honesty, and feeling the Grace that follows.
8. Jesus, and the gentle way He convicts and shows what he requires.
9. The encouragement we get from Going to church. And the reassurance that marriage is hard, and yes-that's normal.
10. Knowing that where I'm at, is right where God wants me to be.
11. Seeing the potential in smelly garbage, and knowing Jesus died for me paying the ultimate price, even before I was made clean.

12. Seeing this guys face
And giving him one of these:

Over and Out

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