Some circus pictures


As promised (yes, a little late) Here are some of the pictures from the circus. We did have quite a bit of fun. I love spending time with my family and feeling the laughter. Isn't my mom so pretty? I sure think so.

Ayden was explaining to his mom when he went home that we went to the circus and then the Pet (PETA) people were unhappy and were waving signs about the elephants. I think its neat how observant he is. It definitely gave us something to talk about.

We're definately excited for this weekend. I'll be working on Saturday, but we're plannin a sweet coffee date, and ben plays worship. I plan on knitting and going through my closet and clearing out things I haven't work for a year and go through my spring clothes!

P.S. If any of you college ladies  would like some clothes size 6 -8, let me know. I've been getting rid of a lot of cute, but just not worn enough clothes. If you're not in college and might want to look through it too, just email me ( and let me know. I'll be sending them off to charities on Wednesday, so that gives you some time to email me  if you want to go through a few freebies.

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