if i was 70 and i wrote myself a letter, this is what i would say to myself


If I was a young gal, younger than now, I think this is what I would like to know for today...


I gotta tell you, your life turns out awesome.

You’ll someday meet a man who has a beard. He’ll end up being your soul mate(whatever that really means, he is definitely it.)He’ll celebrate you, and cherish who you are. He’ll work hard to support you, and you’ll be able to even buy a pretty dress now and then. And when you put it on, he’ll tell you you look beautiful. He’ll actually be a better boyfriend after you get married then he was before! Just wait, you’ll see. He’ll bring you flowers to surprise you and say all sorts of sweet things. Not like movie stars. Even Better, because the statements are real and unrehearsed and so genuine you can feel it.  Remember that and be sure to say thank you.

He talks about traveling a lot. And you’ll love it. You guys will plan your adventures, and save your pennies to go on them. It takes a while, but it makes it sweet when the reward does come. He’ll make all those dreams and lists you keep marking down actually happen. Yes, he’ll even help you dye your hair all those silly colors (which will turn out to be quite the event.) He’ll make you laugh in  the deep way where you feel beautiful and understood and perfect in this world at this moment. And when you look around, you’ll be amazed at what can happen in a tiny magical apartment with green walls while eating fruit popscicles.

I’ll be honest though. He’s not perfect. But you’ll never meet a man who tries harder. That’s an honest statement, not some silly one. He works so hard just so you can enjoy life together. Please, learn this now: It’s not fair to compare him. Please don’t. It’s not worth it. If you were to change ‘this’, you’d have to exchange ‘that’. And honestly, if you lost 'that' during the change it would be a devastating pity ( PLUS, 'this' really isn't valuable, not compared to 'that'.)  I hope you see it when you’re young and don’t’ take 20 years of griping to learn this (for his sake and your own.) I hope you don’t live your whole life like the other girls who measure their husbands successes by imaginary poles and ‘what ifs’. I hope you look at this man-this brilliant, incredible man-squarely and see him in the image God made him. If you do, the only proper response will be this: REJOICE! Who are you that God would arrange for you a man that would spend his life glorifying God and adoring you? Realize it when you’re young. Don’t spend your life regretting; Spend it rejoicing. You really are blessed far more than you could have ever hoped for. Please don't forget to say thankyou.

Also, sweet Brittany, stop fretting about everything and learn that Jesus really does answer things. You’ll have multiple times (millions really) in your life when you think “What ever will I do?” Just to find the most perfect answer after just 5 minutes of prayer and the Word. Sadly it generally will take you 3-4 days of fretting to finally resolve to go to Him. Learn to do this sooner, it will save you time and sanity and will allow your husband to not be so confused as to why you're so grumpy.. Plus, You also look silly when you scowl.

Know this: You will look back on this very ordinary day and miss it.

P.S. Be Quiet. You really do talk too much. Your husband isn’t one to waste his words like pennies (unlike one silly girl we know). They’re ten dollar bills and he spends them on listening ears…become a good investment. He certainly is.

P.S.S. You will always have freckles, they're just bigger at 70 and we call them something else.

See you at the Party.


Your good lookin self (at least your husband still thinks so)

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