This Place We call Home...


The snow is still here but its melting slowly. Unfortunately its predicted it'll snow again come Friday. Luckily, we'll be down in Indiana while all that's happening. :) I'm looking forward to some awesome things coming up:

Grandpa Sprague's Getting married this weekend!
We get to see our *Potential* new place Next Week and
We get to go see some of our dear friends playing in a Band,
Spring Retreat,
The Civil Wars Concert (only my favorite band, in the entire galaxy),
Momma Sprague's B-day
Women's Softball
Going Down to Texas!
Running a 5K with Ben (yes you heard that right!)
and more...

We're so blessed!

P.S. I got a new phone and got to spend so much sweet good time with my  momma, pictures of those to come!
P.S.S. this morning we found a jumongo Mouse in our mouse trap, we never even set the trap.... We feel like it was a good decision to turn our notice yesterday....We're pretty sure we should go into extermination business in that we've already killed over 10.

P.S.S.S. Today's my first run of the Spring! Say hello to my hot spandex pants and my even hotter owned-since-high-school tie-dye shirt. Hello old friends.

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