i love popscicles made of fruit that taste like they were made in mexico


 We had such an awesome weekend. My amazing parents came up (why i have no pictures of them, i do not know....) and went ice skating too! My husband is amazing on ice and he even let me pretend to be a figure skater with him. I'm pretty sure everyone that was staring was staring at our pure technique and awesomeness. Just look at this guy:
 Beautiful really.

Its actually quite a big building. I definately almost ran into little crushing higschoolers a few times, but it was worth it.

After We went ice skating at the Depot we went to old spaghetti factory with a bunch of our friends. I love old spaghetti factory (it was my first time!)

  and then i took a picture of this attractive man for no reason, and decided marrying him is more exciting than graduating college, but I wasn't allowed to marry this gorgeous stallion until after I graduated. Thus, kids, go graduate from college.

 After all that excitement, we got to show my sweet parents our church! I was so proud sittin up there with them. I actually started giggling out of giddiness.

And my mom said she loved the stain windows. So i took a few pictures, and was excited at the prettiness of these two.

See how exciting this weekend was?
Hope yours was wonderful too.

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  1. I am totally following your advice and graduating! YAYYYY!