Number 2394 why i love m husband


Early in the morning, when the alarm goes off,, we hit the snooze 3-4  times before getting out of bed, Ben then  always gives me 4 more minutes after he's gotten up. This is another awesome reason why I love my husband! He doesn't even complain that i make him late or that I haven't made a real meal all week, and thus we've been eating out like we're famous people.

Also, Ben's sexy gray hairs (he's had them since middle school) Make him look distinquished. People think i'm older than my measley 21 when I'm with him, even though we're just wee babes. Here's to pretending to be famous and distinguished and having more styrofoam take out in our fridge than real food.

p.s. sorry for not taking pictures in a gazillion days. we get oh so busy. and it keeps snowing. These things keep us tucked away in our magical little apartment watching 3rd Rock from the Sun and Veronica Mars. Excuses, excuses.

Luckily we're going home this weekend to celebrate the awesomeness that is my Momma! for her birthday! Hooray!

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  1. You like Veronica Mars, too?! Ahhh, so good! Huge thumbs up.